In 1993, Andy Sherrard and Danny Stevens spent a year traveling and working their way around the world.  During that journey, Andy and Danny realized that learning can actually be fun – after all, when you’re sitting in front of the Taj Mahal you want to learn everything there is to know about it!

As a result of their trip, Andy and Danny decided that they wanted to create a business that would make learning fun for children back home in the United States.  Together with their partners, Bob and Zoe Singleton, they spent the next four years turning their dream into a reality.  Through tremendous hard work and the help of some fantastic partnerships, O2B Kids was born.

O2B Kids is a Learning Playground for children up to 13 years old.  It includes a state-of-the-art pre-school, after-school programs, summer camps, and hundreds of enrichment programs such as karate, gymnastics, dance, music, drama, languages, science, computers, and art.  Take a look.

Located in Gainesville, Florida, O2B Kids is a 34,000 square foot building sitting amidst a beautiful park like setting.  Over 25,000 children have visited O2B Kids since its doors opened in August of 1998.  This magical place allows each child to create unique adventures, discover and develop special skills, and to enjoy the process of learning.

The dream that began during Andy and Danny’s around the world trip has become a reality.  Now, O2B Explorers will recreate Andy and Danny's motivational journey.  This time, children at O2B Kids and in classrooms everywhere will be able to accompany the explorers every step of the way!

Please enjoy the following pictures of O2B Kids:

Welcome to O2B Kids! Front entrance Front entrance (wide angle) O2B Kids College (Pre-School) Front desk and check in
The cheese wall and stairwell to lower level Entrace to the Sport Court and all purpose room 1 O2B's Main Hallway The Big Toy After-school check in and book bag storage
The Computer Room The Sport Court Gymnastics Room More of the Big Toy O2B Kids Cafe
Dress-up area Play Grocery Store and Kitchen Entrance to Quiet Play and Play Kitchen Building Things Play Area A birthday party
The Music Room The Gymnastics Area The Art Room The Science Lab O2B's backyard
Discovery Steam O2B's Backyard and Sports Fields Toddler racetrack, Discovery Stream and Lake O2B Lake O2B and the O2B Gazebo The toddler track, Playground, Discovery Stream and Outdoor Sport Court