The O2B Classroom makes learning fun.  We have attempted to provide educational content that is challenging and eye opening, and that can be used in a variety of ways.  Please feel free to experiment, and let us know the results.

The Projects have primarily been designed for children in 3rd through 6th grades.  However, we know that both older and younger children may find them interesting, and people of all ages are encouraged to participate.

What’s on the site?

After logging on to O2B, children can enter the Classroom and participate in the following activities.

Learn quick facts from the Did You Know section.

Try to improve their score in the Explorer Challenge.

Send questions to the Explorers, which may be answered and displayed a few days later in Q & A.

Submit a response to the What in the World is This photo or sound.

Participate in the Projects, which are divided into three main categories:  Geography, Science, and Culture.  The Projects can be done in any order, and can be done individually, as a class, or in small groups.

Give the Explorers advice on where to travel by researching a country and submitting a suggestion to the Travel Agency.

Tackle the Explorer Decoder

Participate in occasionally scheduled Chats with the Explorers in the field!

In addition to the Classroom, children can participate in other sections of the site.

Review the Journal and Photos.

See where the Explorers are located and find out the weather conditions by visiting Track Us.

Review updates to the Fun Stuff lists, and create top ten lists of their own.

Learn about different countries by visiting the Country Pages and reading the Background Information.


Students can log on to O2B every day!

By exploring this site for just a few minutes each day, children will learn about our world.  If a child has discretionary classroom time, they can log on and participate in any of the above activities on their own, or in small groups.

In just a few minutes, they can learn some Did You Know facts, play the Explorer Challenge, read the Journal or view the Photos.

If a child has more time, they can participate in Projects.  Perhaps your class can develop a reward system: if a child participates in one Science, one Geography, and one Culture Project, they will receive a prize (certificate, bonus points, pencil, etc.).


O2B can be a weekly class project.

To use O2B as a class activity once a week, a class could do the following: 

Log onto the site and check Track Us to see where the Explorers are currently located.  Then locate and mark the spot on a classroom map.  A number of questions can follow:  What is the latitude and longitude?  How far did they travel?  What time zone are they in?   

Guess the What in the World is This photo.

Review the new Journal entries and Photos.  If the class only has access to a few computers, children can take turns reading aloud.

The class can then participate in the Projects, either individually or as a group.